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As I’m sitting here rocking the baby known as Skylar, I realize I haven’t update this beast in ages!


Worry not, I will make my triumphant return this week (perhaps Saturday).

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Review : Tofurkey Pockets

For the love of god, why on earth did Tofurkey believe it was a good idea to create a vegan version of Hot Pockets?!

Yes, it’s a good idea. Yes, they are delicious and everything I remember a Hot Pocket being (other then full of cruelty, grease, and tasty nasty bits). Yes, they will probably make a BUTT LOAD of money from this product alone. Yes, YES!

Behold, my lovelies!

 photo IMG_2189_zps11f9fe98.jpg

 photo IMG_2183_zpsb1b65bd7.jpg

Thankfully, there is nowhere in Syracuse (YET) that carries these. The wonderful folks at Green Star Co-Op in Ithaca has them, and that is a one hour drive. Otherwise, the fella and I would be shoving these in our pieholes on a nightly basis.

Turk’y, Broccoli, and Cheese is pictured above.

 photo IMG_2188_zps160c31ed.jpg

 photo IMG_2181_zps128b41f8.jpg


Above, BBQ Chik’n.

My one and ONLY issue with the BBQ one was the lack of filling. Not enough, I tell you! The crust on these is a little dry (being they are whole wheat, that’s to be expected) which I don’t think they took into consideration when filling these bad boys. The filling that was there, epic.

Overall, I’m thankful these exist.

And thankful I don’t have these within a 20 mile radius.

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box : February 2014

Hello, my lovelies!

Today for your viewing pleasure, I have the newest Vegan Cuts Beauty Box for you!

Let me start by saying that the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is amazing. Every month, when I anxiously anticipate the arrival of the newest box, I often wonder how the lovely people over at VC are going to out do themselves. EVERY SINGLE MONTH, the box is mroe amazing then the last, and this one is no different.

 photo IMG_2061_zps58b4ef2f.jpg

Chandler Farm Fragrance Free Hand Creme.

Not a lotion, but a CREME.

It’s funny, my mother and I were discussing the other day the differences between a creme and a lotion and how difficult it is to find a good creme. Problem solved!

Thicker then a lotion, this hand creme is wonderful. As someone that is extremely rough on my hands (knitting, changing nail polish every other day, washing dishes, etc) I am in constant need of good moisturizing. Try as I might, I can’t see to remember to lather up with lotion on a daily basis. This will definitely make my life easier! Small enough to carry in my purse (3 oz size), this will definitely be a go-to for me.

And maybe, just maybe, I will allow my mother to try it.

 photo IMG_2059_zps08d04025.jpg

Birthed By Earth Candle Company, All-Natural Soy Wax Candles


It reminds me of the spray used to clean wood furniture. However, this is pleasant. Not as strong as I expected, and quite lovely. Had I been able to locate a damn lighter, I would have burned it by now! I love me some soy candles.

 photo IMG_2058_zpsff5c71e8.jpg

GreenBody Balanced Scent Tea Tree and Rosemary Deodorant

Yes, I deodorized my lips. I COULDN’T HELP IT! It looks like a friggin lip balm! I’m a sucker for a good lip balm and am willing to try almost anything. The packaging is deceiving, but oddly brilliant. Small enough to carry with me, I plan on hauling this around with me when I go on trips (namely Motor City Nightmares Weekend ). I just have to remember…..ARMPITS, NOT LIPS.

 photo IMG_2067_zps7a2265c8.jpg

Yarok Feed Your Do Styling Whip

Not one for hair goos, this one may never be used. Everything makes my hair greasy. EVERYTHING. If you know me IRL, you know I only keep my hair in a messy bun 24/7. I don’t bother with anything, since it’s just not worth the hassle. I will say, it smells nifty and I thoroughly enjoy the label. Simple.

 photo IMG_2072_zpsedacc839.jpg

Molly Rose, Pickles & Ice Cream Lip Balm

…………. Come again?

No, you read that right. This lip balm smells like DILL FUCKING PICKLES. And ice cream, namely vanilla.

 photo IMG_2074_zps5b1f0fcf.jpg

What the shit, you ask? Yeah, I’m not too sure but the mix definitely seems to work well together. Silky and smooth, it leaves your lips feeling good. DAMN good. Kudos to the people over at Molly Rose. You’ve made a real stunner.

 photo IMG_2077_zps2369d4f9.jpg

Last but not least, Medusa’s Lipstick in Lolita

 photo IMG_2084_zps4e6613ed.jpg


Beautiful packaging, rich, deep color…. This lipstick has everything going for it. I tried it on and it blew my mind. I may have finally found a red that looks good on me! That right there says something. The texture was velvety and it doesn’t seem to bleed. The smell is quite pleasant as well.

Seriously, if you haven’t jumped on the Vegan Cuts train yet, now is the time. The boxes keep getting better and better and I actually look forward to the day when my box arrives at my doorstep!

Sign up for Vegan Cuts Snack Box 


Vegan Cuts Beauty Box


Trust me, you won’t regret it.


Mystery Tea and Food Stuff


 photo IMG_0788_zpsf8f23378.jpg

Breaded Tofu with Pesto and Cauliflower.

The tofu was meant to be fried, but I refused and opted for baking.

The pesto, well, it hid the cauliflower well.

Simple and delicious, the tofu is bound to be common place in my house from now on.

 photo IMG_0879_zpsdabde81f.jpg

The name of this escapes me but I do remember it was meant to resemble Beef-eroni…. but with LENTILS! It was truly a work of art.

 photo IMG_0886_zpsef2374e6.jpg

Tempeh Orzilla.

It was definitely an odd mix of ingredients. Orzo, tempeh, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and nooch. It was one of the first things from this book that was just OKAY.

Gorgeous to look at, the flavors were lacking. It was just bland.

Not everything in the book could possibly be mind blowing, right?

Prior to receiving my camera for Christmas, I made a good deal of other things from this book. Everything escapes my mind right now (I blame the TV blasting The Taste and my urge to punch the “vegetarian” girl in her twat.

On a side note, I have a question to pose you, my lovely readers.

Anyone know what this mystery tea is?

 photo IMG_0874_zpsa6fd2973.jpg


I purchased this at Wegman’s in their tea section and I was an idiot and tore the label off. Obviously it’s a green tea. I seem to remember it was extremely expensive when purchased by the pound. Oh, and it tastes of nori, which isn’t all that shocking.


Ithaca Tofu

Besides the world famous Moosewood Restaurant, Ithaca is worth the hour trip for something else.

Ithaca Tofu.

 photo IMG_0786_zpsbce0bbe8.jpg

It may not look like much, but I assure you this tofu is a game changer.

It has a slight cheesy flavor and is so dense, when I throw it in my tofu press, less then a tablespoon of water is expelled. Its versatile, capable of holding up on the grill, and has a fantastic mouth feel.

That’s right….I said MOUTH FEEL.

I could sing it’s praises all day, trust me.

 photo IMG_0784_zpse56eb411.jpg


While writing out this quick post, I tried to find information on the company that produces this. My search turned up nothing, but I can tell you that almost everywhere in Ithaca carries it.

Not that that matters for the lot of you.

Be jealous I have this fabulous soy product at my disposal!