Entry 1.

The beginning of a blog. Yay. I’ve tried doing this many times before and it has never seemed to stick. I always got bored and the blog remained forgotten about for the rest of time.
This time, I hope that changes.

My first post will be of what I made for dinner last night! And I just realized while typing this that I forgot a key ingrediant in last nights dish.

Leek and BEAN Cassoulet with Biscuits!

Wow, how did I manage to forget the beans?! Wow. It was superb without them, but I can’t even imagine how amazing it would have been with them!

Today I started my day out with a green shake. Spinach, tofu, blueberries, flax, carob, cocoa, ginger, cinnamon, and soy milk. Chalky and chunky, but I’m still choking it down. I just keep telling myself how good it is for me and it aids in going down!

I’m not supposed to be coaching myself to drink a smoothie, am I? Yup, fail.


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