That wasn’t a earthquake! It was Gwar warming up for their Syracuse show!

It’s looking like I am unable to post pictures from my phone onto this blog. That is sort of diappointing, since what I make is usually documented with low-grade cell phone pictures. None the less, nightly I will post pictures of things throughout the day for the world to see!


Yup, I saw them last night. I was front row center, squished against the gate next to over girls that were shaking in their tank tops. Today I am still covered in tye dye blood, despite two showers. I wear it proudly, because really, how many women can say they survived Gwar in direct line with the galactic penis cannon?!
I would like to adress one part of the show that pissed me off. Well, two.

1. Please explain the point of slam pits to me?! You run, you collide, you move on to the next victim and collide with them as well, and so on. How. Is. That. Fun. Its more or less a way for bro’s to touch and show their manlyness. Lame.

2. Why does Gwar bring out the worst audiences?! Old redneck, stoned/drunk fucks who should have stayed at home with a case of PBR and racial slurs. Wife beaters and douchebaggery ran wild last night.

Overall, it was a good show. Gwar was the best, the band prior to that was a horrible mix of Avenged Sevenfold and other various screamo/glam/too much eyeliner bands that litter the world. The first, yeah…..old men who need to hang it up.

“That wasn’t an earthquake. It was Gwar warming up for their show in Syracuse NY!”
-a random twitter comment


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