Cooking Coma

My first day off in ten days.

Woke up super early to venture off to the Farmer’s Market. Great finds for the day were 3giant, gorgeous bunches of kale for $4! Also, four red and four green red peppers for $4. Yup, I was proud.

We came home, exhausted and hot, so I could plan out the meals for the week in order to do our grocery shopping. This week will mostly consist of raw recipes in hopes of opening the fella’s mind up to the world of raw awesomeness.

After a quick trip to Green Planet grocery followed by an even quicker trip to Wegman’s, I returned home and began the cooking adventure!

1. Pad Thai!

2. Rainbow Popcorn!

3. The Ice Cream maker was shoved into one outlet, while in 4. the bread machine and dehydrator were shove in another outlet!

5. The delicious Pineapple and Banana Sorbet as it was spinning in the ice cream maker

6. Italian Herb Bread inbread maker

7. Granola!!

8. and 9.  Raw Goji Berry Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was busy today, to say the least.

At one point, I just sat on my kitchen floor, smiling. Yup, this stuff makes me happy.


One thought on “Cooking Coma

  1. Andrea says:

    can we make macaroons when I’m hanging out with you?!

    this stuff looks AMAZING 🙂

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