July 10th was a very special day.

It was the first birthday of a child that I had the privalege of watching coming into the world! In other words, I was a doula to my dearest friend, Laura. One year ago Saturday, I aided in bringing a life into the world. It was a wonderful experience and I felt so loved to have been invited into such a blessed event.

Well, the child is now a whole year old! His name is Taegan and he is an brilliant toddler. Walking and talking from the ripe young age of 8 months, I have watched him grow and change right before my eyes. His love for raw tofu, nanner adoration, not to mention being able to spend time with him and his mother. She is truly an amazing mother in ever single way possible. She was meant to play the mommy role and i adore her to no end.

Awhile back, she had asked me to decorate a cake for him. In a matter of a little over a hour, I was able to crank out three cakes. This being the best one of all : a vegan banana carob cake decorated to resemble a monkey. The child has a serious banana addiction, so it was only fitting.

Such a handsome young man, he is bound to break hearts……and faces.

Let me also mention that this was by far the greatest present he received. A board book completely about sushi? YES MA’AM! Astouding, isnt it?! He also recieved one on Dim Sum and Asian Sweets. Kid is spoiled with veggie aunts and uncles!


One thought on “T-bag!

  1. shane says:

    That cake is awesome, I want a monkey cake!

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