More Kombucha Pictures?! Yes sir.

I never did post pictures of my Kombucha in it’s beginning stages, and I know that Mariesa was wanting them, so here they are!

The scooby itself came shrink wrapped, looking like a piece of chicken breast. I was rather confused. Is there a company/wharehouse out there that JUST MAKES KOMBUCHA SCOOBYS AND WRAPS THEM?! I thought I was buying one off of some little old lady or something.

The green tea steeping in my gallon jar. Gosh, I sure do want Andrea’s camera.

Yup, so since that was the first day, I stopped taking pictures of it. Now, today is DAY 4 and it smells and looks phenominal!!1

A new scooby has begun growing on top of the old. I feel like a proud momma!

The blueberries have given the drink a beautiful coloring. I’m in love!

Sadly, tomorrow morning I am departing my lovely city for the town I grew up in. Massena NY. For anyone that has ever heard of it, I’m sorry. My sister’s wedding is Saturday, so I must abandon my dear kombucha for the weekdend. Luckily, I get back on Day 9 of it’s life, so it should be ready for drinking then.

Fingers crossed!


5 thoughts on “More Kombucha Pictures?! Yes sir.

  1. BillCherryJr says:

    I just started some to that i got from a twitter friend. I guess i should check on it. Scoby is suspended in the middle and there is what looks loike a thin cloth growing on the surface. Is that good? I’ve never done it before.

  2. veganistmu says:

    Thats a baby!

    Looking at how you scoby arrived and comparing it to mine that might have something to do with the worms I was telling you about. might look for a better place to get one and try again….

  3. eye of raw says:

    can’t wait to see the outcome@ Yummm blueberry!

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