Scary Fizzy Drank

After four very long and hellish days spent in my hometown, I have returned. I truly forgot how much I dislike where I grew up. Small town mentality is not something I enjoy being around, especially preppy bro’s who get wasted and think they are the greatest things ever. But I surirved and the weekend is over and my step-sister is married!!

The true purpose of this post is to talk about my freshly bottled kombucha!

It truly is fabulous. You can taste the berries ever so slightly which adds some much needed flavor to it! The new mushroom that began to form is slightly punny but definately has potential. After a few more batches, it will be at its full potential and at that time I will pass it on to someone.

Sadly, after bottling my brew and leaving it in the fridge over night, the fizz is gone. Not sure if it was a good thing, I took to Twitter to find the answer. Thanks to @kombuchakamp I found out that it is still just as good! Gosh, I was so worried that all of my hardwork had been wasted. Luckily, I’m safe…..and rolling (or drowning) in awesome drank!!!

Super easy and worth the weight, I highly recommend that others try making this stuff. In light of the recall of kombucha from Whole Foods, its a good (and MUCH cheaper) way to get your fix!!

Anyone have any kombucha making stories?

P.S. – I will post pictures later, not that there is much to show!


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