Endor, One Day….

A dream of mine officially died the other day.

Yesterday was the deadline to submit my acceptance application as a volunteer at Star Wars Celebration 5. Due to unforeseen troubles, I am not able to attend. It was heartbreaking to accept, but I just could not make it to Florida in August. Money issues being the main thing, I had to be reasonable and admit defeat.

That may be part of why I’ve been in the dumps for a few days. I had this amazing opportunity in front of me, begging to be taken advantage of, and I blew it. I’m sure I will get another chance to go and possibly volunteer, but I wanted this year to be the year! I wanted it so horribly.

Geek drama. Truly is pathetic that I’m whining about a Star Wars convention.

Does anyone even remotely understand?


3 thoughts on “Endor, One Day….

  1. veganistmum says:

    I do and hubby does life sucks at times especially when it comes to once in a lifetime type stuff (or at least things that dont happen often)


  2. veganshane says:

    I totally understand, I was on pins and needles hoping celebration 5 was going to be in Minneapolis, MN as some early rumors had stated.

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