Foodgasm Volume 1

I’ve been in a slight funk lately. The past two days I have been ornery, sedated, and just stuck in a rut. Lacking energy and creativity, I feel like I’m in a momentary rut. You know those days when you just want the world to shut up and to stop doing stupid stuff? Yeah, well that’s another way to describe how I feel. Twitter has been getting on my nerves today. Same with Facebook. I may need to cut myself off from the world for a few days.

Not yet however.

Deep dish pizza with Broccoli Pesto, tomatoes, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, basil leaves, and a tad bit of Cheddar and Italian Daiya. Best. Pizza. EVER. I threw everything in my cast iron skillet and threw it in the oven to bake. WOW. Oh gosh, I want it to reappear again. Sorry Strong Hearts, but my pizza was better.

And another shot……CHA CHOW!!!

Oh yeah, I died and went to pizza heaven.

Let me also interject here with a statement.

Fake nails are the worst thing a woman can have while in the kitchen. And posting a blog post.

I’ve convinced myself to purchase something that I’m rather sure I will use often.

A TofuXpress.

After seeing Keri’s blog post about it, it made me want one more then ever.

Just sayin…….


2 thoughts on “Foodgasm Volume 1

  1. Omg. Want. That looks SO good. Thanks for the pizza craving. I guess you owed me one for the TofuXpress craving. 😉

  2. veganistmum says:

    i want a slice, now! screw muesli gimme pizza

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