It’s PETA, So I Expected Nothing Less

A few weeks back, @cookveganlover was offering up a copy of PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook on Twitter. Seeing as how I enjoyed PETA’s first fortay into vegan cookbooks and not to mention it was FREE (free cookbook?! Cha ching!!) , I figured I would give it ago. She was kind enough to ship it out to me (what a dear!). Granted, I had glanced at it briefly on the shelves of various bookstores in my area. It always taunted me. A banging tattooed chicke on the front?! Win! Oh, but I was sadly mistaken.

As soon as I opened it and glanced at the recipes, I knew it was a waste of my time. Nearly every recipe requires a microwave and some form of fake dairy/meat product. As vegans, aren’t we supposed to shy away from this processed fake products?! As my mother put it once, “Everything about veganism is fake! Fake cheese, fake meat, fake milk…. Is there anything real?!” I think had to explain to her that not all vegans eat that way. Well, this book does nothing but prove my mother right.
I promptly sent miss @cookveganlover a message, apologizing to her for wasting the money to ship it out to me.

Good for perhaps the laziest, most unhealthy college vegan out there, this book might be right up your alley. For me, someone who makes their own everything, it was a major waste of time. PETA has failed. Big time.

The only thing going for this book is the fact that PETA endorces it. Being so widely known in the animals rights area, new vegans (who don’t know any better) might flock to this book and rejoice. Yeah, not me. While PETA does a pretty good job getting the vegan voice heard in the world, they fail at a lot of things. It surprises me they didn’t have a recipe for Breast Milk Ice Cream in here to be honest.
Oh, wait. That doesn’t require a microwave. Balls.

In conclusion, the ones who compiled this book either didn’t give a shit about its content or they simply thought college vegans were morons that would purchase just about anything PETA was written on. Give college kids a shred of credit, asswads. Their mommy’s and daddy’s aren’t paying for their education to be duped into buying this garbage just because your name is on it!

Or are they…..


4 thoughts on “It’s PETA, So I Expected Nothing Less

  1. Jessica says:

    lol…all respect but did you not read the title “Vegan College Cookbook” – Most dorms only have microwaves.

    • veganwhore says:

      Maybe so, but that doesn’t mean someone in college has to eat the trash this book is recommending. While some of the recipes are alright, most just seem insulting.

  2. Marta says:

    Hey there,

    As one of the ‘asswad’ co-authors of PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook, I’d like to offer some clarification. This cookbook was made specifically for college students (hence the title), and more specifically, for college students in a dorm–for people who think it’s impossible to be vegan in such circumstances (or those who are too damn lazy to cook–like me, sometimes!). The point was to show that if you can be vegan, in a dorm room, in college, then you can be vegan anywhere. The cookbook was marketed as something so easy, you don’t even need a stove, because none of the recipes require anything more complicated than a microwave.

    As someone who went vegan in college, I would have been grateful to have a resource like this available. To each her own, of course, but we’ve heard from lots of college students who think this cookbook is right up their alley. These are students used to living off pizza, take-out food, and ramen. And personally, I’m glad that we live in a time where there are so many awesome, delicious, cruelty-free alternatives to meat and dairy. It’s truly a win for animals, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend vegan chicken or soy crumbles any day.

    • Andrea says:

      I would just like to say that as a vegan in college, in New York City, with no income..I wish I could get a refund for your book and buy some vegetables with it.

      The entire book of recipes was full of UNHEALTHY, processed foods, is that what PETA promotes? We’re supposed to eat chemicals to endanger ourselves to save animals? I don’t think so.

      ALSO, since when is it a good idea to encourage people to eat pizza, take out, or ramen? Instead of wasting my money on 800 tubs of Vegenaise (which I would certainly need in order to make a few of the recipes in your ‘book’)..I could be buying fresh produce and promoting a HEALTHY vegan lifestyle.

      This book only did 2 things…one was OFFEND ME. I’m in college, so I clearly don’t have a brain..please tell me how to put fake processed foods together. And secondly, it helped further the stereotype that all vegan food is fake, and that it’s hard to eat vegan because we must sourly miss our meat so much that we should run out and buy some fake meat instead.

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