A Week About Sharks?!

I’ve heard everyone’s growing excitement towards the thing known as Shark Week for the past few weeks. Not sure of the big deal. It’s a theme week….about SHARKS. Are they really that interesting? Is Jaws still the hit it once was? Gimmie Star Wars week. That’s something I will be all over like green on kale!! (Get it?! HUH!?! I made a funny.)

I’ve been slacking on updates. Picture updates that is. The pooping update doesn’t count so much.

Yeah, that’s right….I MADE SLIDERS! What of it?! They are cute and I can eat a bunch without feeling horrible. Especially when I made my own bean burgers and threw them in there. Major win with the fella.


2T Flax

2C spinach

2 Frozen Nanner

1/2C cherries

4T Apple spice Butter

1C TMCoconut Milk

1 Orgasm of the Taste Buds

Ancient preserving jars make for awesome kombucha storage! Little kombucha, on the hillside, little kombucha made of ticky tacky!

Ani Phyo taught me how to show a young thai coconut who is boss. I made that thing worship me, damnit!

My wonderful brand new spiralizer! I saw this in Marshall’s Home Goods and geeked my pants a little. I’ve been looking for a cheapish one, but of good quality and this fit that description! I didn’t mind that the instructions, box, and included recipe book was in German….



Food Pr0n END!


2 thoughts on “A Week About Sharks?!

  1. I feel like I should thank you for not making that pooping update a “picture post”?
    Your pics are awesome! Except that murderous coconut one.. that one might give me nightmares…
    Okay, off to go add you to my blogroll before I forget for the 75th time.

    • veganwhore says:

      I might have to take a picture in the morning, just for YOUUUU!!! πŸ™‚ And coconuts rebelling!! REBELLION!!

      What is this blogroll you speak of? Is it like a jelly roll? *drool*

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