The Hippie Wedding Of The Century!

Life has been so intensely hectic for me in the past few weeks. I’ve put my blogging (and cooking!!!) on the back burner and I’m regretting it all the time.

Last week was the wedding.
The wedding itself was beautiful. The woods were gorgeous that day and everything went off without a hitch. The bridesmaids wore gypsy skirts, teal tank tops, and sported teal and gold eye shadow. The grooms man wore blue and teal tye-dyed dress shirts with black pants. The bride wore a white corset over top a blue dress with a crochet designed back, a gypsy skirt she made, and a teal and green bustle, all of which she made herself! The groom was lucky enough to have green pants with a blue button up that had a peacock embroidered on the back. We truly looked bangin.

The reception was awesome! The tables and the tents were the only things that weren’t DIY. The food, booze, coffee, and cake were all brought by guests (the cake being done by me of course!). It was phenomenal to see everyone of Laura’s loved ones come together for such a outpouring of love.

The one downfall of the whole amazing event was that the beautiful bride became stricken with a severe case of mastitis two days before the wedding. She was a mess with stress and thinking she let everyone down since it was the evening of the bridal shower. Poor thing, she was instantly bedridden, which left the friends and siblings to do the rest of what needed to be done. Erik, Kelly, Jesse, Jim, and I all cranked the rest of the food and decorations out, which I manned the cake with my fella. In the end, we pulled it off very well.

The cake.
Oh man.
The cake did NOT come out like I had originally planned. Time ran tight and I ended up ditching some ideas.
This is what I had planned :
– Apple for the bottom layer, next was Carob Mint. Chai tea was next, followed by the top being Green Tea.
– Each layer was filled with frosting, then each layer was dirty iced and covered in a layer of teal colored fondant.
– Peacock feathers made of gum paste with a green shell border around each layer.

Okay, the problems that occurred were big ones (in my mind) and I spent much of the time fending off the tears from the cake not being perfect. First off, I rolled the fondant too thin. Thanks to my amazing fella, the fondant started off white and he managed to work the teal gel in perfectly. Despite the amazing color, the thin fondant left some places cracked and a tad bit of icing coming through. I didn’t see the big deal in that, since at that point the idea to cover the spots with gum paste peacock feathers was still a possibility. After the fondant was placed and smoothed, the fella and I left for the night and went home to sleep.

The next morning, silly me, I thought I would be able to be to the brides house for 10 to decorate the cake and hem my skirt.
HA!! Stupid me.
Luckily Jesse was coming over to aid me in the decorating and hemming of my skirt. At the base of each layer, I wrapped blue ribbon around and put the border down to hide imperfections. Needless to say, that didn’t leave much room or time for the peacock feathers to be made. Luckily, Jesse came up with the idea of henna-based designs to adorn the small spaces. As I ran off to get ready at the bride’s apartment, Jesse was still working on the cake. He saved my ass and I love him for it.

Despite the fact it wasn’t completely what I imagined, it still looked great. The minor flaws (forgot to mention the night before the wedding, we transported the layers separately to the brides apartment to use her fridge and it was downpouring. The rain caused the fondant to have shiny spots everywhere it hit!) , it was a smashing success. I’m proud and thrilled everyone loved it, despite how hard I was on myself.

Sadly, since I’m updating from my phone while laying on a hotel bed in Pennsylvania, I’m unable to add pictures. But don’t you fret, I will as soon as I get home! And if you can’t wait, simply head on over to my facebook where pictures have been tagged!

And to end on the final note, NO ONE but the bridal party knew the cake was vegan. No one cared because it was THAT damn good 🙂

Vegan WIN!!!


One thought on “The Hippie Wedding Of The Century!

  1. liefe says:

    Sounds like a nice vegan win story !

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