More Determined Then Ever.

Still in Virginia, my mother and I head to the beach to get tan and get the typical Atlantic Ocean beating from the waves. We stop to rent a couple cheap chairs from the typical store along the beach and make our way down. We grab some chairs, I grab a cover-up, and we go on down. Smother myself in oil so I can cook to the point of being well-done, and go to sit down…..

And then…..

Every overweight persons biggest nightmare…

I break the fucking chair.

Bent the frame actually.

My mother bursts out laughing. I lay there chuckling, humiliated and trying to laugh it off. Inside, I wanted to die a little.

This has never happened to me. Then again, I’ve never been as big as I currently am. I think this was an even larger slap in the face then the other nights revelation.

Luckily, I’m surrounded by middle aged obese women and men, so it wasn’t as devastating an experience as it might have been had I been surrounded by beach babes. But still. Yet another wake-up call that things need to fucking change. NOW.


3 thoughts on “More Determined Then Ever.

  1. Hey Megan! I just read both this post and your last one, and I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Even though I know better, I’ve totally fallen into the whole it’s-vegan-so-it-must-be-healthy trap.

    It’s like our brains know the truth, but we have an excuse to justify eating five cupcakes and drinking an entire bottle of merlot in one evening (and about a half a loaf of bread….for the record, that totally happened to me one night after a month-long raw cleanse). I gorged and gorged and gorged just because it was vegan and tasty. That was extreme example I guess, but I totally do the whole eating processed food and sweets thing just because their vegan and not because their healthy. I’m trying to work on it too. Good luck!

    BTW, your care package is coming together. I’ve found some really fun things so far!!

    • veganwhore says:

      Thank you, Bianca!

      Training the brain that just because it’s vegan doesn’t make it okay is turning out to be the toughest thing. Even tougher then waving an eternal goodbye to cheese pizza!

      I just arrived home from my vacation yesterday, so now I am prepared to begin (and hurry the hell up) with gathering things for your package! I have ideas and I think you will be pleasantly excited!

  2. Oh man, I’m glad you had the good sense to laugh it off! Good luck with the new goals!

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