Am I a moron for thinking I can truly do this? I’m not sure. The first BIG thing I have ever done and actually followed through with has been becoming vegan. Ask anyone; I am not a follow-through type of gal.

Today I purchased sneakers. Andrea could never believe I didn’t own a pair, and after awhile, neither could I. Why bother? I never did anything strenuous that called for sneakers, so why waste the money on something I didn’t think I would ever have use for? I never wear pants, and I sure would look silly sporting a pair of New Balance running shoes with a short floral skirt. But today, I took the plunge.

My incentive to workout.
I have no excuse not to anymore. Also among the purchases was a pair of mesh running shorts. My first pair. I’m for real.

Now, as my West Coast Love, Marni kindly pointed out, I need a goal.

I never thought of that part.

What the hell should my goal be? I would LIKE to weigh 150lbs or less, that’s for sure. But is such a giant goal too much to handle right off? Maybe I should dull it down to being under 200lbs and go from there? Yeah, that sounds more reasonable. Too big of a goal and I will feel overwhelmed and cry hysterically while gorging my face. I cannot set myself up for failure.

Then comes the plan of execution. I have wicked social anxiety disorder, so a public gym is out of the question. Perhaps my boss, who is a personal trainer, will allow me to use his gym after hours when no one is there? I definitely couldn’t do anything with him around. I would be waaaay too self conscious. Perhaps I can go to Rent-A-Center and score a treadmill? Has anyone had noticeable results with Wii fit? I have that, but I doubt its ability to work.

So many things are swimming around in my head!

Five days.
September 20th.

That is my start date.

The fella is going to hate me when I start eating kale and carrots.

“Meggo, don’t doubt your beauty. You could be 900 lbs and still be gorgeous. And im not just talking about that inner beauty crap. Outside too!”
– Jesse

My best friends are truly amazing. I’m fortunate to have such a tightly knit group that I can turn to for anything. Stinkin’ hippies. Xoxo


8 thoughts on “Execution.

  1. Suzi says:

    I think a nice easy goal is to go for a little walk every day. You can go with a friend. Once you start walking, you will go longer and faster. Just go for a walk every day. It will transform you without you realizing it.

  2. I agree with Suzi. Any exercise is good exercise–no need to add additional pressure (and additional equipment) right away. The first step is to get moving, then, as you get more comfortable, you can find out what activities you actually like to do, and build a plan around something you enjoy. Personally, I like to do yoga. But, if I’m not feeling social, there’s nothing better than a solitary elliptical machine and a good episode of Law & Order.

    • veganwhore says:

      I’ve done yoga in the past but all I managed with that was nearly being able to put my legs behind my head! I’m flexible to begin with and that simply took it to whole new levels! I might start doing it again, just as something fun.

  3. cookingforaveganlover says:

    I love my wii fit- I think that the ea sports active is a better workout though and have seen results. other great in home workouts i enjoy are the skinny bitch videos and jillian michaels

    • veganwhore says:

      Are the Skinny Bitch videos awesome enough to warrant a purchase? I read some reviews on Amazon and they didn’t seem to be all that good. Do you have the Jillian Michaels Wii game?

  4. Cristy says:

    Can I just say how massively jealous I am of you that you have such an supportive group of friends? Cuz I am, like, a lot. You ARE very fortunate, and your honesty is heartbreaking and beautiful.

    Yeah, that’s all I had to say… πŸ™‚

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