Blunt Force Trauma.

These past two days have been a piece of cake. Nothing too horrible and to be honest, I’m pretty proud of myself for such a great start!

Day 1

Breakfast :Veggie mush. I thought my cheap-o Black and Decker blender was capable of making juice. HA! I sucked that down with a lot of gagging.

Lunch : Leftover Moroccan Red Lentil Stew with two slices of Ezekiel 7 Sprouted Grain Toast

Dinner : Pasta e Fagioli (Yes, I know I said NO flour products, but dude…..IT WAS WORTH IT!)

Snack : Two slices of Ezekiel toast smothered with 1/3 C (serving size!) of FF Hummus and 2T Eggplant Spread!

Dessert : A slice of Raw Apple Pie

I am slowly beginning to get the hang of PORTION CONTROL. I’ve never done it before and always used to eat until I was stuffed. Now that I am doing serving sizes, I feel like I can control what goes into my body more then simply abstaining from animal products.

I did my two walks yesterday. One in the morning and one in the evening. I stole the fella’s Droid X and used a walking program I downloaded from the app store. It uses a GPS to track how far you have walked, the time, calories, speed, and steps. From my front door, around the park, and back, it is 1.02 miles. How perfect! 3.0mph, 146 calories each time, and 20 minutes flat, I felt I did awesome for being a soon-to-be-reformed “lazy” person!

Day 2

Breakfast : 8 oz of green drank and a banana

Lunch : Salad with 2 T of sun-dried tomato dressing, 1 T capers, 1/2 cup black beans and 12oz leftover Pasta e Fagioli

Dinner : Vegan Brunswick Soup

Snack : 2 slices Ezekiel Toast with Hummus and Eggplant Spread!

I only made it out for one walk today. My day was shot to shit from the very beginning when I woke up at 9:40am! What the heck?! On mornings when I sleep in late, I always feel like I have failed in some way. Sleep is for pussies!

On top of the day starting out horrible, it was made even worse by work.

When I arrived, I squirted a few tears which was to be expected. I missed that baby way too much, and as I had predicted, when he saw me he did his giant smile, dropped what was in his hands, raised his arms above his head enough where it looked like he would topple over, and ran full speed into my arms. It was precious. From that moment on, I couldn’t even set him down to pee without him screaming bloody murder (and I’m pretty sure his scream has increased in both pitch and intensity while I was gone for those eleven days.

The older boys….jeesh.

Let me rephrase that: The OLDEST boy…..

When I left work tonight at 8, he had been working on his homework for FOUR HOURS.



It turns out his mother (not my bosslady, who is the STEPmother) refused to let him be tested for special ed. She refused to let her son be coded so they knew how best to accommodate him. He’s been tested and coded for the past 2 years now, but this year decided her son was above that! He is already struggling and this is only week three of school. He is behind and he should not have been allowed to pass 5th grade under the circumstances. You cant take a child out of his environment of mods and one-on-one help and throw him into a classroom where he can easily be lost in the mix and where no one cares if he passes or fails. He has ADHD and Aspergers! COME ON!! He WILL fail unless he recieves the help he needs, and soon. Not to mention the parents also took him off his ADHD meds. That simply adds fuel to the fire.

As the nanny, is it acceptable for me to beat the bosses heads in with a blunt object? Just a little?


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