LONG Overdue NYCC Post (mostly Star wars related)

It’s been weeks since I left NYC to head back home and I’m finally starting to regain my motivation for things. THUS, I am finally posting pictures of all things g33k!


This masterpiece is a set of books from each Star Wars movie. George Lucas went through each and every frame of every movie and picked out his favorites. I believe there are roughly 200,000 frames per movie? This set costs $3,000. I would gladly sacrifice a car for this.

J.W. Rinzler, the man responsible for almost all of the definitive Star Wars books! Eeee!!!

This monkey was to be the original Yoda.

A shot from a Wampa scene that never made the cut.

Originally, they had planned to have people in the At-at costumes. Obviously, that didn’t get very far.

Stop motion At-at

George’s pool was used to shoot the Dagobah swamp scenes!

Miss Kristin from The Geek Girls Network

Bat Boy from Weekly World News. His parents must be proud.

Myself and Jill (The Nerdy Bird)

Le fin.


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