Enter The Pits of Hell (AKA My Kitchen) (VeganMoFo Day 3&4)

I truly hate weeks where I feel completely overwhelmed with how much I work. I work no more then 45 hours each week but with how spread out the hours and days are, some days I just feel like I don’t even have enough time to breath. Raising children is alot of work. Yes, I think of myself as someone that raises children. I spend anywhere from 5-13 hours a day with them, 6 days a week. I am in charge of keeping them safe, feeding, cleaning, and transporting them everywhere. So yeah, I see myself as one of their primary adult figures in life, and they feel the same.

ANYWAY, this post shall be short and sweet.

Wasting no time at all, I shall get right to THE FOOD!

Last nights dinner was short and sweet. Homemade Spicy Black Bean Burgers (Vegan Table) and Garlic Mashed Taters!

Peanut Butter and Chocolate No-Bake’s! Made these for the fella. He hasn’t had them since he was in grade school!


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies were made for myself. If I ever want to make a batch of cookies and I don’t want him to eat, all i have to do is throw pumpkin in them! He loathes pumpkin. Weirdo.

Also made today was a double batch of seitan, Oatmeal Quick Bread, and panini’s!

In case you can’t tell, it was my day off. I went crazy in the kitchen!

Sadly, this entry is being cut short. Work at 5:30am tomorrow means I have to be up before the rest of the world!


One thought on “Enter The Pits of Hell (AKA My Kitchen) (VeganMoFo Day 3&4)

  1. ooooo does this look good! Thanks for sharing.

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