Spinach Pr0n (Vegan MoFo Day 17)

Last night, I had the privaledge of spending time with the lovely Melisser, Bazu, and Jenn! Melisser and Jenn were in town for Melisser’s book signing at Strong Hearts. It was truly awesome spending time with these lovely vegan ladies, despite the fact I was feeling rather blah and exhausted. I found myself listening to them chat away about life and enjoying listening. It was truly a grand ol time! Hot damn, I wish she didn’t live in VIENNA! She seems like my kind of lady friend! Then again, meeting Bazu and realizing that there was another vegan in Syracuse that loves veganism as much as myself, well, I see potential here! Bazu, if you read this, I WANNA HAVE A COOKING PARTY WITH YOU!!

For dinner tonight, I was running low on time. Out of the various things I had planned to have during the week, Spinach and Noodle Kugel was the quickest.

Not going to lie, this dish was intimidating. A whole block of silken, lots of spinach, noodles, dill, and a few other things mixed together and formed into a casserole dish……Well, it looked….very unpretty.

Maybe it was the fact I wasn’t even hungry when I sat down to eat (I had eaten my weight in hummus and falafel earlier for lunch with the kids and was still full)  or possibly this dish is downright ugly. Either way, I was frightened. Hell, it’s a Isa recipe so I was a brave soup and took a bite!

Despite the fact that I was too lazy to get up from my seat and get the salt and pepper, the dish was pretty darn good! It could have used some extra seasoning, but overall, it was excellent! Isa has yet to do me wrong, so why start now?!

Thanks to this dish needing spinach that was drained, I decided to give the TofuXpress a shot at pressing it.


Look at that lovely spinach?! Isn’t it gorgeous?! Makes my heart melt a tad. Speaking of….I really want my hair to be the color of spinach. Is that so wrong?

Just take a moment to bask in the beauty that is spinach.


Time’s up!!

I believe I will end this post with a picture I took of myself.

I would rather have a beautiful bouquet of greens and purple broccoli any day rather then a wad of dead ugly flowers!


3 thoughts on “Spinach Pr0n (Vegan MoFo Day 17)

  1. Fanny says:

    It’s not wrong! You should dye your hair green.

  2. Ok, so the picture isn’t exactly convincing, but the writing convinced me that next time I buy spinach I’¨m going to make this. After moving to the Netherlands I’m still marveling about the fact that I can buy a massive bag of fresh spinach for next to nothing. In Finland you’d sometimes have to pay several euros for 70 grams (a little over two ounces) of fresh spinach, which is crazy since cooked down, 70 grams of spinach is like one tablespoon or something.

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