Leeks!! AHHHH!!! (Vegan MoFo Day 22)

Bad whore! BAD!

Again with the neglecting of the updates.

But you see, I had a very good reason to be neglectful the past few days. I recieved a somewhat unexpected surprise from my bestieface, Andrea! It was amazing having here here on such short notice.

Not many of you realize, but her and I live a whopping five hours apart! Despite popular belief, when one says they live in NY, they don’t always mean NYC. Well, in this case, She lives in NYC and I am in Syracuse.

Look at that distance! That’s a FIVE HOUR DRIVE!

Yes, our fearless Celery decided to jump a bus to visit dear little me while SOMEWHAT recovering from a horrible case of pnemonia! If I wasn’t such a selfish wench and wanted to see my bestie, I probably would have told her to keep her sick ass home. But NOPE! I wanted her to come.

We had loads of girly fun. Harry Potter on Friday, shopping and cooking and baking went down (which as soon as she gets on posting to her own blog, I will share pictures on mine!) and lots of overall silliness was had!

ANYWAY, she is now gone and my life has returned to boring ol’ normal.

Tonights dinner, LEEK AND BEAN CASSOULET from the Veganomicon!

So yummy. I’ve made this dish in the past, so it was no surprise to my palet. But DAYYYUM, it sure was as tasty as ever!

Oh, and HEY!

Don’t forget to enter my Popchip’s Giveaway!  Only 6 days until I pick a lucky winner!!


One thought on “Leeks!! AHHHH!!! (Vegan MoFo Day 22)

  1. Fanny says:

    You’re pictures of this dish is the first ones that actually makes my want to cook it. I mean, everyone says it’s great, but the pictures is always awful. You convinced me!

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