A Very Whorey Thanksgiving! (Vegan MoFo Day ?)

HECK YEAH! I don’t care if the point of the “holiday” is to celebrate my homey’s sitting down with the whiteys to have food only to have their land stolen a short time later. It’s an excuse to eat! AND EAT ALOT!

Pardon me for sounding slightly ghetto and/or ridiculous. Just had to get that nonsense out of my system.

Okay, so Thanksgiving. The day was spent slinging large amounts of food around my kitchen, visiting the fella’s family, and spending the remainder of the evening with my mother. Overall, it was a good day.

I accompanied the fella to his parents where they downed the traditional Thanksgiving meal of potatoes, turkey, etc. Sometime after dinner, shit hot real when his brother decided he was going to start a fight with someone, at which point, it was time for us to depart.

We arrived at my mother’s where i spoiled her rotten with a vegan feast!

I couldn’t manage to get a good picture, but I can assure you, it looked/tasted much better in person!

On the menu was :

-Cornbread Stuffing

– Mashed Taters

– Punch Rock Chickpea Gravy

– Green Bean Casserole

– Southern Style Greens

– Cranberry Sauce

– Field Roast


It was seriously epic.

Shortly after devouring, I went into a food coma. The coma was so severe, we managed to leave the Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake at my mothers without even taking so much as a bite of it.

And guess what? I get a call today from my mother.

Mother -“Hey Megan, do you have that cheesecake recipe still?”

Me- “Of course! Why?”

Mother – “Because I ate it all and it was goooood.”

Me – “Excuse me?”

My mother doesn’t enjoy baked goods all that much, let alone eat more then a meager mouse would. To hear from her own mouth that she devoured an entire 9″ cheesecake?! Well, shit on a shingle. This is a momentous occasion.

So yes, I would have to say my holiday was a overall win. I’m proud of what I was able to pull off and proud of my mother for having a vegan meal. It was definitely something to be celebrated!


One thought on “A Very Whorey Thanksgiving! (Vegan MoFo Day ?)

  1. Sounds like a wonderful yummy meal!

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