Christmas Done The Right Way; Star Wars Style!

That’s right kids.

I finally have my Christmas tree up and decorated.

Despite the fact I’ve been sick for the past week or so, the fella and I trudged out in the snow on Saturday and bought a tree. I had said I wasn’t going to buy one in the city because, well, they were bound to be way too expensive! We had every intention of heading out towards his parents house (roughly a hour away, in the country) to get a tree from possibly a tree farm. On the drive out, we passed a small set-up of trees in front of a school (which just happens to be the school the older boys I nanny for attend). We decided to pull over and simply check it out.

Well, gosh darn it! We found our tree right away!

The very first one I touched. Perfection.

Huge, full, and just perfect!

We threw it in the back of his pick-up and brought it home.

It was destined to be MINE!

Oh yeah, look at that! Yeah, that’s my tree!!!

And my records on the wall.

And yes, those are my DVD’s.

JUST mine.

It took me well over an hour to put hooks on all of the ornaments. Thank god we had our new TV to watch during that process. The fella helped by insert batteries in all of the ornaments while I did the painstaking job of hooking them all. Yup, pain in the ass.

Yes, this is the 46″ beast the fella bought with his bonus….

I also made it very clear that it was MY job to hang the ornaments. They had to be perfectly placed because otherwise, I would shit a small black child.

So there you have it everyone.

My Star Wars Christmas Geek-Out.

Obviously it looks much more magical in person. When I turn the tree on, I hear the Star Wars theme going off, not to mention all of the ornaments that have buttons that play music and quotes from the movie.

Not going to lie. I might have squirted a geeky tear at it’s beauty.

See? That $400 eBay freak-out I had turned out to be well worth it!!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Done The Right Way; Star Wars Style!

  1. Alexintosh says:

    you’re a fucking genius 😀

  2. awesome!!! i love a good geeky christmas 🙂

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