Crafty S.O.B.

My crafting is a thing that comes and goes. I lose interest in things VERY VERY easily, so it comes as no surprise that I can never concentrate long enough to finish something. Knitting, scrapbooking, crochet, embroidary, sewing, painting, etc. It’s all the same!

Oh, hey! This time I managed to finish something!


I am so incredibly proud of this. I supposed you could call it a curtain, window treatment or beaded-curtain like thing. I simply wanted something that would prevent the people in the park in my backyard from seeing me cook while naked! (yes, I truly do that). Now granted, it won’t block out everything, but shit……what do I care really?!

Roughly 500 leaves were cut from felt then fed through my sewing machine….one after the other. Not nearly as time consuming as it sounds, but definitely something that doesn’t take much thought.

Two yards of felt and a whole 274yard Guttermann spool later, VOILA!

Tis love, I tell ya! My kitchen needed something like this. It adds a sort of Megan flair to the kitchen! Well, it was already Megan-like, but now moreso!

When you live in Syracuse NY, you come to expect winter and it’s ability to fuck your life up by throwing it on hold by taking a giant snow dump on your world. Yeah, well, the past few days, it has done nothing but shit snow.

As of Sunday evening, we have had ALL OF THIS SNOW DUMPED ON US. The past few days have pretty much been a stranded wasteland of cold. Being the moron I am, I HAd to go to work. I couldn’t let me bosses down and the kids. HA! It’s funny, but for some reason, they keep the main roads clear while leaving the side streets a total shithole. Excuse me, but doesn’t it seem logical to clear the side streets as well? Afterall, who will be using the main roads if no one can get off their side streets?! In the past three days, I have seen a whopping two plows. TWO!

This crud makes me want to curl into a ball with my knitting and die a little.

Out of the madness, I manage to make cookies (I could make cookies in my sleep, with a freshly amputated arm, and a nail in my nose.) and chili!

Throwing oatmeal in cookies deems it socially acceptable to devour them for breakfast, right?

Whoever first thought of putting cocoa powder in chili deserves a blowjob.

For real.

And now, I am off to start the next window treatment! And freeze my buns off. And cry.


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