Girls Can’t Like Star Wars, Silly!

Recently, the story of young Katie Goldman made the rounds amoungst nerds and normals alike. Her story is one that happens more often then not. Only this time, it involved a very large community of tight-knit Jedi.

A bunch of punk ass first graders in Katie’s class decide that she isn’t worthy of carrying her beloved Star Wars water bottle and took it upon themselves to claim that Star Wars is a boy thing, and that girls can’t enjoy Star Wars.

As a 25 year old female who pretty much eats, sleeps, and works (1, 2, 3, and 4) with Star Wars, I can assure you these young children are misinformed.

My own love for Star Wars came at a young age. In elementary school, I would ditch the other girls in order to play with my friends Barry and Kyle’s Star Wars figures. We were so badass in those days. I had lots of figures myself, along with the Micro Machine heads, but not nearly as many as them. I thought back then that we were the cool kids and the rest of the non-Star Wars fiends were the weirdos. I remember being picked on by other girls but I never cared. I was happy, so why would I stop pretending I was a Jedi?!

Once elementary school ended and we moved onto Jr. High, I slid my love for all things Wars under the rug in order to fit in with the other kids. Granted, I dabbled here and there with video games and the like, but I never wanted kids to know how truly geeky I was on the inside. Like all kids that age, I sought acceptance and Star Wars was not how I wanted to be accepted.

Fast forward to roughly 6 years ago.

I stopped caring and let my inner geek run rampant.

Which leads me to the wonderful life I lead today. The owner of a completely Star Wars christmas tree, working with a family that I’m pretty sure hired me based on my ability to understand the Star Wars obsession the kids have, and happier then I have ever been in my life!

Star Wars is in no way for boys alone. Yes, the SW universe seems to be overrun by mostly males, but that’s because the females in the SW universe are so kick ass that there only need to be a few.

For such a small girl, I felt like I connected with Katie’s story in more ways then one. It really hot home with me and I felt like I should address it and share my story. She needs to know she is not alone.

The world could truly use more female Jedi like you, Katie.


One thought on “Girls Can’t Like Star Wars, Silly!

  1. Deven says:

    Two Star Wars loving girls in this house! We have all the movies in collector editions, a blue and a red light saber, various models of the ships and plenty of Jedi (us) piccies to make any hard core fan jealous! Star Wars is only for boys? Pfft! I say! 🙂

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