It’s official.

After this year, I refuse to live in a place where they measure daily snowfall in feet rather then inches. Well, maybe not daily. In the past two weeks, we have had nearly 60 inches of snowfall, over half of our yearly average.

It’s disgusting, especially for someone that drives a 1998 Chevy Cavelier with tires that shouldn’t even be legal. I swear, driving when there is the slightest amount of snow on the roads is like ice skating everywhere I go. Did I mention ice skating in general scares me and the thought of it gives me anxiety? Yeah, not a good thing.

Okay, and maybe it isn’t official but jeez, I need to relocate. I’ve grown up having more snow then sunshine for the past 25 years of my life and I’m due for a change.

Moving on……

Yay for Vegan Thin Mint Cookies!!!

Alot of people seem to be jealous of my double boiler. Is it true that most don’t own one?

For as rude and crude as I am, I’m sorry but that resembles a frozen poopy.

I truly have a soft spot for veganized Girl Scout cookies. And oh man, these truly taste like the originals. Throw them in the fridge or freezer and BAM, it’s like having an unlimited supply at your disposal!




3 thoughts on “Crude.

  1. Laura Jill says:

    You should move to Miami Beach…or to Austin…someplace south where I am so we can hang out! Meanwhile, I had the frozen poopy thought too…guess I’m crude, oh well! But YUM to the thin mints!!!


  2. veganwhore says:

    To be honest, Texas has come up a number of times. The fella brought up the Natural Epicurean for me and him being able to shoot guns all day. He keeps dropping Texas as a relocation so who knows.
    I’m definitely serious about seeking a more stable climate though. We could be neighbors and classmates and have sleepovers!

  3. Laura Jill says:

    OMFG. I could keep my day job at Florida Virtual school and you could find a daytime nanny job and we could both go to the part time program starting January 2012 and hopefully whatever is going on w/ the fella in my life will progress and he’ll come to Austin too and we’ll all be BFFs and live happily ever after in a galaxy far, far away!

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