Tangerine is the Color of LOVE!

The past week or two have been emotionally draining for me.

Work, my car breaking down, relationship issues, and an overall sense of defeat have monopolized my daily life. I’m working on regaining a shred of my sanity, but while doing so, i have managed to neglect many things.

One of them being this.

On that note, I will share my Christmas with you.

Christmas Eve was spent at my mothers. We had a sleepover and brunch together, where she awarded me with this :

That’s right. I say rewarded because I’m an awesome daughter and I deserved a reward for being so awesome. #delusional

(Yes, that was a Twitter hashtag. Don’t judge me.)

This was also apart of the package. I ordered it (yes, SHE had me order my presents this year. She has a fear of buying me something I won’t like and would rather I pick it out when her buy something I hate.) thinking it would help with the scraping of the bowl. Yeah, I have yet to see any sort of improvement.

As for the fella and I, after my mother’s, we went to his parents. They are so lovely! Well, the parent anyway. His brother’s are…..interesting. We walked in the door to find his older brother TATTOOING his younger brother. The older one bought a tattoo gun offline and was using the younger brother as a guinea pig. Yeah, lovely.

Gifts were exchanged and while I expected nothing from his parents, they bought me a little something.

Even his parents know I have a Star Wars problem. That’s pretty sad.

After his parents we came home to have our Christmas underneath my Star Wars tree! Truly magical ๐Ÿ™‚

After seeing this author’s panel at NYCC, he bought me both of his new books for Christmas! See? My fella knows me well.

This was the one that made me instantly squirt love liquid from my eyeballs.

I always talk about needing just one good knife. JUST ONE! One that I never have to worry about breaking or sharpening. Well, he went to William Sonoma and bought me a expensive knife! Perhaps it was just a hint to get my ass in the kitchen to cook something……


Christmas is always such a stressful time for me. I always feel like I didn’t do enough or that what I did do isn’t good enough. I’m sure most people feel that way since Christmas is the time of year where the most murder’s of family members occur. Yeah, well I have to say I felt that way. MANY, MANY TIMES this season. Now that it’s all over, it’s time to just breathe.


2 thoughts on “Tangerine is the Color of LOVE!

  1. Natty Bomb says:

    The part about the brothers is hilarious – remember that time when you used a needle and India ink to put a black star on my back? Yeah – still have it! hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Julia Moran Martz says:

    aw man, so friggin’ jealous! LOVE orange!

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