Mixer, Blender, and Cinnamon Bun LOVE!


Yeah, you want to fuck my face shut and you know it.

I’ve been a baking machine the past few days due to my newest addition to my kitchen. It’s true love, kids.

After a few failed cupcake attempts (and frustration that gave me the urge to throw the mixer out the window), I decided to move onto things that were more likely to succeed.

Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies!



The beginning of pretzels! Notice the yeast blob attacking and trying to eat the measuring cup?

Ze pretzels! I even busted out the fleur de sel for these bad boys!



I made both the cookies and pretzels the same night and we managed to have those for dinner. Yup, a night full of win.

Oh, hello love of my life! HI!

On Christmas day, we got home from our parents to find this wonderful flower blooming from our hibiscus plant. Truly gorgeous! And the fun thing about the flower, when it comes time to fall off, it rolls itself into a tube and practically leaps off the stem.

For Christmas, the bosslady got my a gift card to Target and I decided since I had the free money, I would make one final attempt at a cheap blender. This thing wasn’t CHEAP per say, but anything compared to a Vitamix or Blendtec is considered cheap in my book.

The only reason I chose this one was because of the following :


It seems the thing all of the past blenders have had in common is the lack of anything stable spinning the blade. I seem to be able to murder plastic spinners, so this was the likely choice. Too bad we didn’t realize this sooner…..

And to give my new blender a proper homecoming , I made…..

Broccoli Mac and Cheeze! As you can probably tell, my fella requests this quite frequently.

The final thing to share is….

My first ever attempt at cinnamon buns (the kind with yeast)!

Yeah, as I type this, they are in the oven baking up.

Which reminds me that I need to stop oogling my food pr0n and get in there and make icing.




2 thoughts on “Mixer, Blender, and Cinnamon Bun LOVE!

  1. You got the awesome mixer blade with the scrape-y things on the side?? Jealous!

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