A Very Happy Herbivore, BakLAVA and Way Too Many Chickpeas….

Yeah, okay, so once again I’ve gone M.I.A. for awhile due to…stuff. Not the point. The point is, I’m ready to kick life in the nuts and be on my way.


While I was hiding, Andrea came to visit! HECK YEAH, I LOVE MY BESTIEFACE!!!! She came to cheer me up with hugs and giggles, and I truly believe we drove most people in our general area mad with girl sounds. Somehow while she was here, we managed to NOT take any pictures then the ones below. And of course, they are of food….


She was craving it, and I never turn down kalamata olives OR bread, so it sort of made sense that we make it.

Thankfully, Panera has a lovely bread recipe on their site which was what we used.

The recipe called for a starter, which I made not even thinking that it would be alright for slightly more then 30 minutes…..

It’s alive! At least that meant my yeast was still good….

Amazingly, that is the only picture of the bread in it’s nearly done phase.

Andrea and I managed to eat so much of it (schmeared with some Earth Balance) that we didn’t even touch our dinner. Don’t judge.

In roughly 12 hours, the whole thing was gone.

Both loaves.

Ahem…..once again, don’t judge.

Moving on……

The time with Andrea was great, despite the fact she was death warmed up due to ANOTHER sickness she was stricken with. I swear, she waits until she’s coming to see me to be struck down with something. None the less, I doped her with my hippy meds and we pranced around Syracuse like we owned the joint!

The day she left, my good friends Jesse and Michael came over to tackle some baklava, veganized!

Jesse was mostly in charge of it all, being Greek and all. I trusted him with the delicate workings of the filo. I surely would have ripped and maimed it beyond comparison. Yup,  it’s what i do.

Roughly $20 in ingredients spent later, VOILA!

Dear god, I think I saw some sort of spiritual figure in the layers of that flaky dough stuff. I had never had baklava before (vegan or not) and had only seen Jesse’s mom make it once. It never seemed all that appealing to me I suppose, but the thought of making it vegan made it sounds like a brilliant idea. Well, hot damn, it was fantastic!! Truly. We had alot of fun making it and even more fun eating the hell out of it.

I like my greek boy.

Fast Forward.

Friday night. The night we usually get pizza from Strong Hearts.

The fella and I were dirt poor and I was in a MOOD.

Not sure how, but I managed to snap out of said mood quickly and throw together an AMAZING meal. AMAZING. I need to feed this stuff to my mother, I swear.

Chickpea Cutlets, Garlic Mashed Taters, and Steamed Kale.

All very simply, but when put together, induces foodgasms.

Let me back up for a second and show you the cutlets prior to going in the oven…..

I may have gone slightly overboard with cutlet prep. I sorta…kinda….tripled the recipe. It seemed like a good idea at the time!!! Never thought that maybe it was too much…until today. In the past few days, the fella and I have eaten roughly the equivalent of 5 cans of chickpeas EACH. We have a problem.

One final thing I would like to share with you all is this….

My pal Lindsay’s cookbook FINALLY came out! I picked my copy up at Barnes and Noble last night and was walking around the store giggling to myself quite a bit.

I adore this woman. I do. And to see her cookbook FINALLY in stores made my heart swell up with pride just a bit. If it wasn’t for the fact that they only had TWO copies of the book left, I would have taken all of them and covered every single book on the stand with hers, but I didn’t want to do it with just two.

Don’t worry Lindsay, I plan on cookbook bombing them again when I see they have more copies.

Needless to say, my whole weeks menu is being planned around her book. Hey, it’s almost like she’s back in the states again!!!! *weeps*

And finally, just because I can…..


4 thoughts on “A Very Happy Herbivore, BakLAVA and Way Too Many Chickpeas….

  1. Andrea says:

    You have a thing for Greeks, huh??? 😉


    When you visit me I am forcing you to make these cutlets.

    I’m scared of them.

  2. kala says:

    I’ll have to look for that book next time I’m at Borders or Barnes and Noble. And I’m jealous of your olive bread, I looove fresh bread. P.S. I see our X-mas card in the background of your cookbook pic!

  3. FoodFeud says:

    Dude, there can never be enough of those chickpea cutlets around.
    I remember seeing yr interview on Lindsay’s blog many moons ago but I didn’t put the two together until now – that’s you!
    I don’t comment here often, but now you’re doing the cookbook club so I may as well stalk you.

  4. Rachel says:

    Umm…I could eat an entire meal of that olive bread and baklava.

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