Vegan Con and Black Bean Brownies (HH style)

It’s official kids.

Portland better watch it’s ass because my posse and I are invading!!

I registered today for Vida Vegan Con and I couldn’t be more stoked. Besides the fact it will be a bunch of amazing speakers and presenters, it will also be a Twitter Vegan get together! What better excuse to the Twitter vegan’s need to get together then our very own con?! That’s right, PDX…….. #whathappensinportlandstaysinportland


Now, let me tell you a story, dear friends. A story that almost did not exist.

The time, November of 2009. The place, my old apartment. The players, myself and the fella.

The very first time I had the fella over (before he was THE FELLA) I had recently found a vegan chef online that I found interesting. She had  posted a recipe for Black Bean Brownies. Now, this completely blew my mind out of the water. I HAD to try them. So as I set to work making them, I had high expectations of said brownies that were taking twitter by storm. If 1,000 vegans say they are fantastic, who am I to argue?

Yeah, well, I argued.

When I took these brownies out of the oven, they were the nastiest, driest, flavorless things I had ever tasted. I feel like they killed my taste buds with their amount of suck. I swore I would never make these bricks again.

(Mind you, Lindsay and I weren’t friends just yet!)

(And this is where the fella came in…..)

That same night I made these, I had decided to meet this dude I had started talking to offline. We met, hung out, then I brought him back to my place to see where I lived and watch movies. NO, WE DID NOT BANG.

When we walked in the house, I showed him around, then decided it would be funny to make him try one of these cardboard bricks. Yup, he spit it out with disgust. He agreed they were the nastiest things in creation.

Well, fast-forward to this week, nearly a year and a half after we first met.

Lindsay’s book comes out and I decide to tackle said brownies again.

This time, well, they came out ALOT better.

The picture doesn’t do them justice, but they were fantastic!

I’m pretty sure the last time, due to the older oven with the messed up temperature settings, I managed to bake them for far too long and in too large of a pan, thus resulting in very thin and dry brownies. This time, utter perfection.

So in a way, dear readers, it was like a trip down memory lane making these brownies for both the fella and I.

Definitely glad that I attempted these bad boys again!


3 thoughts on “Vegan Con and Black Bean Brownies (HH style)

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