So Fresh and So CleanClean

I’m simply trying out the WordPress app for my iPod. How am I doing this you ask? Or maybe you are wondering WHERE I am doing this from?
Well, my lovelies……
I am in……


Ahhh, how dangerous it is that u can update from the confines of the most sacred of places. Now I can blog and poo or blog and bathe! Bahahaha! Dangerous, I tell you!

I will leave you with pictures of to tonight’s Strong Hearts pizza and the Teese Mozzarella Sticks!

PS – I was NOT naked while eating them.




2 thoughts on “So Fresh and So CleanClean

  1. kala says:

    Those mozzarella sticks look awesome, and I don’t entirely believe that you weren’t naked while eating them 😉

  2. Hahaha. I’m definitely not courageous enough to blog from the shower. No, ma’am.

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