Burning Dumplings (NOT a porno)

It seems like my life is so chaotic to the point where the only time I can blog is while in the shower.

Wait, no. That might be an excuse. I’ve been in a lazy slump lately. But hey, at least I’m posting now, right?! Thought so.

This morning I awake to the thought of poppy seeds and gravy. No, not together!!! I just craved the two so horribly you would have thought I was pregnant. (IM NOT!)

So why did I make to curb these hunger pains?


Cherry-Almond-Poppyseed Muffins! Droooooool.

And to satisfy that urge for gravy,


Veggies and Dumplings!

But somehow I managed to burn some of It to the bottom of the pot. I blame Apple and their exclusive movie trailers for stealing my attention. Apple, may you be damned.

I should really start getting the hang of this WordPress app. I don’t really appreciate updating my blog until the post is done and this ridiculous thing seems to jump the gun!

Random food pr0n to come when I get home from work.

Sit there picking your nose in anticipation.


6 thoughts on “Burning Dumplings (NOT a porno)

  1. FoodFeud says:

    I hear you on craving poppy seeds and nice job carrying that out – Cherry Almond Poppy seed muffins sound about perfect.

  2. kala says:

    Those muffins sound awesome!

  3. Yum to both! Especially the dumplins! BTW, I FINALLY opened your blueberry jam (I had to finish off a few open jars of jams and jellies first)! OMG, girl. You make bomb-ass blueberry preserves. I’ve been eating it on toast all week (well, today’s Monday but also last week).

    • veganwhore says:


      I’m pleased you enjoy them. Try baking with them too. I’m slowly using all of mine in baking because I don’t have a toaster. Did you try the toasting bag thing yet!?

      PS – Gimmie more duck!! (I typed DICK and corrected myself. OOPS!)

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