Purple Haired Nanny (And Other Tidbits)

Judging from all of the pictures in my photobucket account, not to mention what is taking up precious space on my iPod and Blackberry, I spend way too much time with the kids.

Yesterday was my cousins college graduation and I found myself showing the family pictures of kids that ARE NOT MINE. I get it. I didn’t spawn them, and to be honest I probably never will produce any of my own.


Now I will share with you what I have been hoarding in my photobucket account.

WARNING : Real Life Shit.

Every year, the kids anxiously await Free Comic Book Day.

Oh hey, this cat has one eye!

And my kombucha has mold!

And wow, I have purple hair now. And I take pictures of myself while I’m peeing.

Yup, this post had no real point.

Withe the addition of my new phone, I’m hoping I can update this far more. WordPress will always be at my fingertips so I won’t have an excuse!



One thought on “Purple Haired Nanny (And Other Tidbits)

  1. FoodFeud says:

    I love free comic book day! I love kombucha! I LOVE that one eyed kitty!! Not a huge fan of kids, but if you say so.

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