Bloobs and Randomness.

Blueberry pancakes.

It has been a mission of mine to perfect them since the first time Andrea ventured to Syracuse and we royally screwed them up. I believe we used frozen bloobs that time, but I’m not completely positive. Either way, I attempted them this morning with FRESH berries.

Tasty, but the berries were like little blue bombs of moisture and intense heat. I have battle scars in my mouth, but worth every bite.




Moving onto the random part of the post…


While doing our weekly errands yesterday, the fella and I came across this group of militant douche bags. For those of you who can’t see the signs very well, they say “GODS MARRIAGE: 1 MAN & 1 WOMAN” and “HONK FOR TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE”.

I was completely speechless (which is uncommon for me). I just shook my head while my heart broke a bit.

So much anger and hate….

Happier things, depending on who you ask…

Justin Bieber dolls. They sing when you poke his junk.


Remember the moldy kombucha I had a  few weeks back? Well, I just got around to dumping it yesterday. And what better place to dump it then in the sewer drain! The mushroom refused to go. I’m interested to see how long it stays on the grate. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

And I will end this pointless post with the above.

Who wants to buy this stroke angel?!? $100 (I think) and it’s yours!


One thought on “Bloobs and Randomness.

  1. DermiePie says:

    I think we used fresh! I have a picture of bloobs in a big bag and remember I kept eating them from the farmer’s market and I wanted to buy an entire box of them?

    …also, I want to poke Justin Bieber’s junk REAL bad.

    Do all boys sing when you poke their junk because if so I’m going to start poking strangers and do it in a pattern to create a melody 😀

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