Bathing In Vegan Treats Custard Is Okay, Right?

Pardon the shitty picture. Pay no attention. Simply bask in the awesome that is a vegan boston creme donut.

My friends Nick and Sarah recently went to Bethlehem PA while away for their anniversary. These two have been known in the past to make the 3 hour trip there JUST for Vegan Treats so it came as no surprise they decided to go while away this time.

When they heard that I had never had anything from Vegan Treats, Sarah freaked and said they would bring me back a donut.

Well, hallelujah! They did!


You guys.



I literally want to bathe in the custard.

Not a lie. I would go head to toe in that stuff.

Thankfully I’m headed there one week from yesterday to get my own goodies with Kelly and Natalie. Ladies, I WILL orgasm on sight.

<end creepy rant>


One thought on “Bathing In Vegan Treats Custard Is Okay, Right?

  1. Lauren says:

    a boston creme donut was my first treat from vegan treats as well! soooo goood!
    luckily im only about an hour away from it, stilll don’t get to go that often but when i do its magic 🙂

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