Open Love Letter To Falafel


If a human being could mate with a edible object, I would choose falafel to be my one and only slam pig. The love I have for these nuggets of deep fried goodness makes me a little weepy inside.

Matched with hummus and babaganoush, well….shit……

We have a Mediterranean restaurant in town that I adore called Munjed’s. Best of everything under one roof. You know how sometimes you find a place that has spectacular hummus but not falafel? or vice versa? Yeah, well, this place has it all. Everytime I sit down to eat, I go into Total-Fat-Kid-Mode. EAT UNTIL YOU FEEL LIKE BARFING becomes the game and I always win (winning is actually NOT throwing up).

Okay, enough about sex with falafel.

Smoothieee! Very Cherry Pear smoothie to be precise.

NOTE TO SELF : peel the pear BEFORE shoving it in the blender.

I also I bought some of those neat stainless steel straws people are raving about. Oh, and I’m copying Andrea’s use of canning jars. I have an over abundance that are just begging to be used.

I was finally able to find Biscoff spread here without having to order it online. Well, with it I created a bran and wheat germ super muffin! I’ll have to post the recipe when I have more time but it was truly fantastic. Bran and me are lovers and between dunking my finger in the jar of cookie puree, it just sort of made sense to include it in the batter.

I will never forget Andrea’s going away party and the comment Patty made to my friend Sarah about her baby….”She has lentil toes!”

Well, this here is rotini with lentil sauce. Baby-toe-free, I swear.

Perhaps my lack of enthusiasm for the kitchen is over? Bah.


One thought on “Open Love Letter To Falafel

  1. FoodFeud says:

    This is the second time I’ve seen lentil base as a cream saucey type thing. I’m all for the nutrition and protein there. The smoothie fruits also sound bangin.

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