What better way to sum up my week long trip to Amish country then with pictures!!

And want to know a secret?

We barely saw the Amish. My mother and grandmother dragged me to every outlet mall and shopping mall known to man. Not that I’m complaining or anything, since I did come back with some gnarly kitchen stuff.


The above are pictures taken from Gettysburg. Somehow, they got it into their bright skulls to go on a tour of a field where a bunch of people died. Oh, the ONE thing I remember from the guided tour was this little tid bit: It took three months to burn the corpses of the seven THOUSAND horses lost in battle. #mindblown

At one point while my family was shopping their little hearts out, or sitting down to enjoy ice cream, I abandoned them for a yarn store. Of course, I zeroed in on that baby as soon as I passed it on the street and had an itch to venture in. My grandmother said, “Don’t you have enough yarn at your mothers?!’ After I shot that down by telling her no, my yarn is safely in my craft closet at MY house, I skipped and frolicked away.

The Lancaster Yarn Shop was adorable. The woman who owns it, Wendy, was a delight to talk to and gab with about knitting. At one point, she wagged her finger at me and told me not to neglect my Ravelry, which I do. And of course, she snapped a picture of my tattoo because really, what crafty person wouldn’t have their mind blown by what’s on my chest?! šŸ™‚

Thai food!

Now that I’m looking through the photos taken from that week,m I barely took any that weren’t from my trip with Natalie to Vegan Treats. And that trip gets it’s own blog post!

Last but not least, while I was gone, I signed up to get a KindleGraph from my ladyfriend Lindsay. For anyone that has a Kindle, this is an amazing idea! They don’t have many books offered right now but they are bound to in the future. You send your twitter name to the author who then sends to your kindle a personalized PDF. A digital signature! I was stoked.


And I fucking love you too, Miss Nixon šŸ™‚


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