The Week Of Waffles Pt. 1

I’ve been wanting to add a waffle maker to my collection of appliances for quite sometime now. Problem, I always forget when I have extra spending money. And heck, why do that when my boss has one that I can easily steal for a week and slip back into the house unnoticed?! *insert evil laughter here*

The recipe I used as reference was from


Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Waffles

1C chopped strawberries

(Chop and set aside.)

Preheat waffle iron. Make sure to SPRAY THE IRON WITH COOKING SPRAY!

1/2C whole wheat flour

1 1/2C unbleached white flour

2/3C cocoa powder

1T baking powder

1t baking soda

1t salt

(Mix and set aside.)

2 containers of plain vegan cream cheese

(warm slightly in the microwave until soft and set aside.)

1C nondairy milk

1C sugar

1/2C canola oil

4T lime juice

2T vanilla

(Mix wet and set aside.)

Combine all ingredients into a bowl and stir until combined.

Pour battle onto the iron with roughly two thirds of the iron covered with batter (it will expand, don’t worry!)

Bake for roughly 10 minutes, but that’s up for interpretation depending on your iron.


4 thoughts on “The Week Of Waffles Pt. 1

  1. These waffles look uh-mazing! My hubby is the waffle fan and bought himself a waffle maker – I’m so surprising him with these this weekend. Thanks!

  2. I bit the bullet and bought one at target for like $20. Then my husband made me return it. Two weeks later, I got a BAD ASS $100 waffle iron for christmas from his parents. Let’s just say i’m obsessed. The chocolate beer waffles in vegan brunch are forking amazing.

  3. mafnaffff says:

    Shit out fart yes

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