Pizza Hut Breaksticks : VEGANIZED!

I have a ginormous love of breaksticks and the ones found at Pizza Hut are no exception.

1 1/3C warm water

1T sugar

2t yeast

-Set aside and let sit like you would any other dough recipe

4C flour

1t salt

3T powdered soy milk

2t oregano

3T olive oil

– mix the dry together plus oil, then incorporate the yeast mixture

– mix until soft and pliable

– roll out into a rectangle until the dough is 1/2-3/4 inch thick

– with a pizza cutter, cut the dough into 1×4 inch strips.

-place strips on a light oiled baking sheet and allow to double in size while you make the topping

2T vegan Parmesan cheese

1T garlix powder

1T garlic salt

1T onion powder

1T oregano

1/4C olive oil

-brush the bread sticks HEAVILY with oil and sprinkle the topping mix on each one, careful not to allow too much to fall on the baking sheet

-bake at 250 for 12-15 minutes



4 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Breaksticks : VEGANIZED!

  1. K. Crane says:

    Oh man, I totally want to shove a whole plate of those in my face. thanks.

  2. The last step is my favorite and, best of all, takes only a lack of self-control. These look amazing.

  3. Sheila says:

    where do you get vegan parmesan cheese?? or is it homemade?

  4. Bri says:

    Amazing! I’ll admit I did not have the ingredients to make the bread sticks but we took some rolls baked them with vegan butter & put the topping on and I’m now addicted to this topping recipe!

    Tweeked the topping as follows:

    2T nutritional yeast (did not have vegan Parmesan cheese)

    1/2T garlic powder

    1/2T garlic salt

    1/2T onion powder

    1T oregano

    Saved the extra left over seasoning & put it on vegan buttered toast, plain popcorn, etc. such a versatile and delicious topping! Im hooked. 🙂

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