Vegan Treats In My Belly!


I finally made it there!!!!

Granted, it was roughly a week ago, yet my taste buds are still orgasming.

Standing in front of this case made me nearly have an anxiety attack. SO MANY CHOICES plus the pressure plus people waiting behind us.

DONUTS. Boston Creme and Cookies and Creme. The custard has my mind blown and I am determined to figure out how and what.

The sticky bun that was as big as my face!

Adorable little smores cake! roasted dandies FTW.

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE! My goal was to bring it home for my friends Sarah and Nick but sadly, it did not survive the trip.


2 thoughts on “Vegan Treats In My Belly!

  1. Oh my goddddddddd deliciousness. YUM!
    I just noticed that you have a link to my kuntrageous blog on the side, but I deleted it so I could tell WF customers and family members the site address 🙂

  2. Coco says:

    That sticky bun looks INSANE!

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