I would like to take some time to introduce you all to the newest love of my life, Wicket!

I have been yearning for a puppy something fierce for the past few months. Not just any puppy, mind you. I wanted a small one, preferably a Chihuahua. I dislike giant dogs and their giant tongues and giant stink and yadda yadda (bad vegan, i know). Not to mention we also live in a midsized apartment with a medium sized backyard and it simply didn’t seem fair to get a giant dog.

A few months back, I debated purchasing a Chihuahua from a friends mother who breeds them. Well, when I mentioned this on Twitter, I got my ass chewed out royally by random people, some whom I’ve never even spoken to. The only one to actually attempt to talk some sense into me was Melisser.

After speaking with her about it, I knew a breeder was a no-no and getting a rescue was the way to go.

After many hours searching the internet, I still didn’t come up with much of anything. My hear went out to each and every dog I saw, but due to outrageous adoption fees and the thorough investigation most places were wanting to conduct, I opted out.

We told the fella’s parents of my urge to be a mother and his mother took it upon herself to search high and low for a puppy.

A few weeks went by and nothing. She kept telling us she was still looking but no one seemed to know of any.

Then last week, the fella gets a call from his mother saying they know someone who has a litter of puppies and they don’t know what to do with them. They were covered in fleas and they were just overwhelmed. She calls the fella and the fella called me. And obviously, I said yes!

Three days later, she’s thriving and flea free and enjoying licking my face off. She is beginning to know her name, which is Wicket (yes, after the Ewok from Star Wars) and  trying a little too hard to invade my bucket of hummus.

I am truly in love and have been buying far too many cupcake toys and debating buying a cupcake sweater for her for winter.

Oh, the one downfall to her name is below. Everytime I say it, I see this image in my head.


2 thoughts on “WICKET.

  1. oh my god… can I please unsee that image??? It’s going to be burned into my brain forever now! 😦

    …on a side note, haha, your puppy is adorable!

  2. Yay puppy! We got our puppy essentially the same way – a friend of a friend had an unexpected litter and they were so uncared for it was sad. There was one left that nobody would take, and so he became ours. And, we named him Chewbacca, although he only gets his full name when he’s being naughty. Otherwise he’s just Chewie. He’s rad. I hope you have so much fun with your new family member!

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