POISON and Babies!







I’m in a car and high on energy drink! Weeeee!

I’ve been MIA the past few days due to being in my hometown for my sister’s baby shower.

Yeah, it was pretty great. So many pink things and food and babies and chaos. Luckily, the fella came with me and we stayed with my newly married friend, Meltard.

My “diet” to my Massena family and friends is always a topic of conversation. “I could never do that” or “You’re crazy” are two things I often hear from people. I usually just let it slide and don’t think anything of it since its family. As annoying as it is, how do you tell stubborn people to stop being selfish and eating rotting flesh? I always want to compare their steak and burger to the family dog, but what’s the point?
It’s all very frustrating.

Anyway, I’m on my way home and I’m stoked to return to my kitchen of leafy greens and giant head of cauliflower.

I’ve done my time at home and now I can return to real life!


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