Maple Bacon Awesomeness!












VeganMoFo is halfway done! Jeezz, this month sure did shoot by quick.

Okay, so last night I found myself at my dear friend sarah’s house to hang out and make sweet things. Not having any clue what we should make, I grabbed a few cookbooks for her to browse, thus leaving the hard decision up to her. One of the first things she opened up to was the Bacon Maple Glazed Donuts from Hearty Vegan Meals. I had had those market definition since the day I got the book but simply couldn’t bring myself to make them.

Well, she geeked as soon as she saw them, thus deciding this would pretty much be our diner. I sent both of our fellas a picture of the book and told them what they had to look forward to.

Grocery shopping and a stop at my house later, we were back at her place to tear it to shreds, vegan style.

We ended up splitting jobs up. She was in charge of making the Honeycrisp Applesauce, which I never bothered to photograph because it’s applesauce and it all looks the same. I was the donut girl, doubling the recipe because we are all vegan pigs and wanted a buttload of donuts as leftovers.

While we waiting for the dough to rise, we figured it was a good idea to make some real food. Pasta and sauce for us! Sarah’s husband, Nick, had sauce his mother had made from her garden veggies and it was super tasty. I’m not a huge pasta and sauce gal, but this stuff made me think otherwise.

Luckily, Sarah was in charge of the deep fryerwhile I manned the glaze. We did an amazing job, since they were truly one of the best things to ever enter my mouth hole.

Despite leaving them in the oil for a good mlamount of time, they were still slightly doughy in the middle. Either way, they made me see god. It was worth the dough baby proofing in my belly at the end of the night.

And yes, my computer is still busted.
I’m noticing that updating on my phone is making blogging slightly more difficult since I can’t really concentrate on my thoughts as well as when typing on a computer. My touch screen is much more likely to have spelling fuckups.



6 thoughts on “Maple Bacon Awesomeness!

  1. DAng, those donuts look so good!

  2. choirqueer says:

    Those donuts look tasty and it looks like you had so much fun making them! What exactly makes the “bacon”?

  3. Wow! Those donuts look so good!

  4. celyn says:

    Those doughnuts!

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