Risotto In My Pants.




Why can’t I make physical love to risotto? It seems unfair.

Yesterday, i busted out Vegan Brunch and cranked out these two divine dishes. Curried Cauliflower Fritatta and Fennel Red Pepper Risotto.

*death gasp*

My face melted off via the sheer awesomeness of these two dishes. And when mixed together, insanity ensued…. In my belly!

Oh veganmofo, how about you never end, k?


3 thoughts on “Risotto In My Pants.

  1. You know, I’ve NEVER made risotto. What the fuck is wrong with me?!

  2. T says:

    I love risotto, but I never thought of adding fennel before… man, I better whip out vegan brunch again soon!

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