Hand pies.






Mini pies. Hand pies. I prefer hand pies. But that makes me think of hand jobs.
Yeah, sorry. It’s true.
For the sake of this post, we shall call them hand pies.

I bought a mini hand pie machine. You may call me the Queen of Kitchen Gadgetry. I have a crown made of twine and corn holders and a cepter with a Magic Bullet on top.

It’s funny, I’ve done cake decorating as a side thing for the past five years maybe? I also was employed by two different bakeries as a decorator, but yet, I LOATHE icing. Which has also led me to not like cake all that much. Oh, but if you put a pie in front of my face I’ll devour it in seconds. Which is why it made perfect sense for me to have this machine!

Well that and I’ve always dreamed of having vegan hot pockets. This is pretty darn close.

Thus far, I’ve made blueberry ones, peach ones, and apple ones. Pie marathon!

This machine will come in handy next week when Isa’s new book comes out, Vegan Pie In The Sky. I might geek my pants.


4 thoughts on “Hand pies.

  1. WANT!
    I would be lethal with one of these. Lethal and seriously overweight.

  2. Murdercakes says:

    “Hand jobs” lol. Yeah… I thought something else entirely when you said “magic bullet”. Anyways. This looks like a cool little gadget. I might have to pick one up myself.

  3. I received Vegan Pie In The Sky last week(I preordered it) and it’s awesome. She has several “hand pie” recipes. But how much easier with that cute little appliance:)

  4. P says:

    I call them “ladypies”. Makes me feel elegant.

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