Panera Ain’t Got Shit On Me!




Yeah, you read the title right.
I’m calling Panera out!
Not really.

I’m a diehard fan of Panera’s Black Bean Soup in a bread bowl. And for a side? More bread. Bread, bread, breaaaaaad!

Being broke this week and wanting my crack soup (fitting name, right?!) I needed to find a way to get my fix. And fix it HARD.
The soup I end up with was spot on!! Spot on, damnit. It was perfect in every way.

And the bread bowl, well I simply took my favorite bread recipe (which just so happens to be Panera’s Black Olive Bread) and simply made it into bread bowls!

So. Good.

And again, ill add it to the list of recipes to post at the end of the month. I’m waiting until I have a computer to type things up on. Trying to post a recipe via phone would wind up being a failure.

Ending this post is a picture of Bossk as Cake Boss! Swooooooon.


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