Pudding Makes The World Go Round






Leek and Bean Cassoulet and The Game Of Life with two of my best.

It’s how we roll.

Oh, tonight’s dinner?
I’m sick. What more do you want from me?!

While at Wegman’s searching for vegan snack packs, i saw a display on an end cap. A Vega holiday meal plan?! Aww, good job Wegman’s!


2 thoughts on “Pudding Makes The World Go Round

  1. prattie says:

    Hi, you might try WHole Foods Market, as they are usually oragnic and never sell any food stuff that has artifical colors, dyes or preservatives, a true bonus. And please allow me to say that all of their house brands, (organic) are priced point perfect even for a tighter budget. While I”m sure Wegman’s is good, for a hard core vegan, like myself, Whole Foods Market its best!

  2. Murdercakes says:

    I need to pick up the Game of Life. It was my favourite game as a kid.

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