Okay, not really Spaghetti-O’s but truly Spaghetti Stars! I didn’t have O’s and those are way too boring anyway. Stars make this dish whimsical in a way!!

In my pre-vegan days, hand me a bag of chips and a can of the over processed can of pasta and sauce and I was set! Now that the vegan fairy has graced my existence, I no longer have that luxury. Or so I thought!!

One day I stumbled upon this recipe in one of my daily blog hunts and geeked my pants. A dream come true!

This is by no means my first time making this dish. Jeez, of course not! But it has been amazing enough to come back to every few months. It is,however, my first time making it with Field Roast Frankfurters!!

Those things are….amazing.
I nuke Spencer a Oscar Meyer hot dog every few days (don’t judge. He’s not my kid!) And these smelled/looked/tasted like how I remember their counterpart tasting!! Shock.

And as gross as this may be to some,my burps taste how I remember with the meat rods. Shhhh, don’t judge.

And to top off this mind blowing meal, chocolate cherry oatmeal cookies!!


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