The Thing That Nightmares Are Made Of


I first saw this food product discussed by Melisser in her book, The Vegan Girls Guide To Life. Next, I saw QuarryGirl talk about it on her blog and in her Twitter feed. Then last week, Alisha brought it up in random conversation. As my weird food buddy, we always ask the other about the new and weird foods we see on shelves. She’s like me in that we LOVE us some new products!!

She got it in my brain that I needed to try the BBQ Jackfruit that has been circling blogs everywhere lately.

Well, I found it at the local Asian food store!

I ran home that night and cooked it up, completely stoked to have a taste of pulled “pork”.

Yeah, it didn’t happen that way. Instead, it was a mushy, briny pile of grossness.

While the pile of good looked good on the bun, the taste of brine weighed heavily, despite rinsing the fruit under water for quite a bit of time.

BUMMER. I went to bed hungry that night.

The next night, I decided to give it another try. This time, I was determined to try the slowcooker method.

It looks like chicken. Or fish.

Also, the night before, I had tried my best to remove all of the giant seeds and casings scattered through out, but failed miserably. This time, I went over the mush with a fine toothed comb. No way was I letting that happen again!

Whiskey. BBQ sauce. *creme*

I mixed nearly an entire bottle in with the two cans of jackfruit and set the slow cooker to cook on low, overnight for 8 hours.

BAM! What an improvement the slow-cooking made!!

While the picture doesn’t make this look too appetizing,the texture was dead on, flavor was nice and full bodied. It made me think back to the giant pig roasts my family and I had in my younger years.

Not really. That’s a lie.

Has anyone else ever tried their hand at this mysterious food? I’m curious to know other ways to cook with it!!


4 thoughts on “The Thing That Nightmares Are Made Of

  1. Kelly C says:

    I like it cooked in broth, cooled overnight in the broth, reheated and then you can pan fry the pieces with a bit of oil to get them crisped then pour on the sauce. It can be bad though…I have had less than stellar experiences too.

  2. emma says:

    Looks good! I simmered mine in BBQ sauce then left it overnight (or several days if I’m thinking right) before using. No briney taste. Think I’ll have to use again soon!

  3. I still haven’t tried jackfruit! I keep meaning too but it just doesn’t look very appetizing sans sauce. The end product on the bun looks delicious, but I guess I’m kinda scared. I mean, what the hell is a jackfruit?

  4. kala says:

    I LOVE jackfruit! There’s a restaurant in my neighborhood that makes an amazing jackfruit curry. I’ve made my own version too 🙂

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