F00d Pr0n And How To Make Bacon.





I’m not really posting on how to make bacon, obviously.
I’m at work, sitting on the couch and amusing the child when suddenly he said “Meh, hot dog.” For those of you that didn’t know, my name is Meh in Spencers world. The little twirp refuses to say Meg or Megan, so I must live with being called Meh.
Well, there are no hotdogs in the house. I tell him this and he starts to scream and throw himself on the floor. Okay, fine. Throw a fit over processed Assholes and lips. Priorities in the mind of a nearly three year old are jacked.
After ten minutes of ignoring, he takes me to the fridge and grabs the lard infested bacon and smiles.
Damn that smile. Damn it to hell.

I made the jerkhead some bacon.
It’s all I smell.
I think it’s in my pores and i’m in dire need of a hot compress….. On my entire body.

And it’s only ten am? Can I go home now?

I’m thinking of doing a giveaway on here in the next week or two, just because I can.
What do you think would be the ideal giveaway?
And don’t be jerks. I’m not giving away a Vitamix.


One thought on “F00d Pr0n And How To Make Bacon.

  1. Buddha Joy says:

    I like your writing style.

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