Spencer Makes A Good Vegan Date

The title is true. Bringing that kid to a vegan cafe is always amazing because he will truly eat anything he can get his grubby little hands on.

A few weeks ago, prior to Christmas, my mother had a cardiologist appointment that she asked I accompany her to. Afterwards, I had to get right back to work to relieve the kids grandmother so rather then abandon my mother, we picked up Spencer and we went to Strong Hearts Cafe.

Spencer DEVOURED my Silk Nog milkshake. Did he eat anything else? Of course not. The kid simply wanted a shake.

The highlight of this Soba Noodle Salad was by far the pressed and grilled tofu…..which again, Spencer invaded. He’s lucky I love him.

And no trip to SHC is complete without my faithful love, the reuben. Yeah, I kinda love it too much.

My mother got her usual waffles. I think she tends to stick to those because they are “safe” and the thing least likely to taste vegan? I don’t know about her sometimes.



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