The Road to NYC Leads Through Bethlehem…

I’ve decided vegan Mecca comes n the form of a pink building with icing on it.

This Mecca? Vegan Treats in Bethlehem,PA.

Any and all vegans know of this astounding bakery and they know the magic they work when it comes to flour and sugar.

I have a few friends in my town that would drive there after work, retrieve goodies, then return home…..That’s six hours of driving for a freaking donut. Yes, Sarah and Nick, I’m talking about your. CRAZY PEOPLE!

After Erik and I decided to go on a trip to NYC, I casually brought up going to the bakery if we found ourselves traveling through the great state of PA. And what do you know, we did.

I think the look on Erik’s face says it all….

Oh wait, I deleted the original photo of his reaction. Crud. This one from Lula’s will have to do. Just think of the ice cream in his hands as a tart instead!!

Shock and awe. Happiness and orgasm. I swear those were the things radiating from his blank expressionless body!

THAT beauty was what Erik found his taste buds rejoicing over. If it wasn’t for the fact I was nearly crying tears of happiness, I would have paid attention to the name of this exquisite tart. But alas, I fail.

Instead, I found myself elbow deep in this confection.


I’ve always been known as “THAT kids that scraped the icing off her piece of cake” at birthday parties. GAGGG!

As for the other items I bought, I had planned to bring a box full of goodies to NYC with me so I could drown Andrea and Haley in sugar. Did they ever make it to their destination? No. I ended up leaving them in the car and left for the city without.

Fear not, for nothing went to waste! It all traveled back to Syracuse safely and was devoured by my boyfriend and myself.

See? Nothing can curb my sugar lust.

The one with the snowflake? Yeah, that was meant to be Sarah’s birthday cake. It’s still sitting on my kitchen table, despite the fact that I refuse to pass it on to Sarah. Who knows, maybe NYC germs LOVE themselves some red velvet! There could be an entire living, writhing, germy mass underneath all of that icing!!


2 thoughts on “The Road to NYC Leads Through Bethlehem…

  1. WOW! I did not know about the Vegan Treats! I am from that area. Bethlehem has fantastic local shops!!! I will have to check it out next time I am back home. 😉

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